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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Learning
SymptoPro Fertility Education, January 1, 2019 (About Natural Family Planning)

Q. How is learning SymptoPro online different from learning SymptoPro in-person?

A. Couples learning SymptoPro online closely mimic the in-person learning experience. Our course is split into 3 sessions spaced several weeks apart, including personalized follow-up and chart reviews with their assigned instructor at the end of each session. Their instructor is available to them at any point along the way and actively works with them to verify their personal knowledge and understanding of course materials. The main difference, is that couples who learn online are able to work through the course materials on their own time, in the comfort of their own homes and even when living a great distance apart. In addition, while instructors are available for phone calls or skype sessions at the couple’s request, most communication occurs via email.

Q. Does learning online negatively affect the instructor/client relationship?

A. While some couples do prefer the relational aspects of sitting down with their instructor in-person, many students actually seem to feel more comfortable with the online learning platform and the option of digital communication. Our instructors who teach both online as well as in-person, notice that their online clients are generally more honest and open with aspects of both their chart and their medical or relationship history, that in-person clients might find embarrassing or uncomfortable to discuss. This openness is essential to the learning process when teaching a couple how to use NFP effectively given their own unique circumstance.

Q. Is online learning a good fit for everyone?

A. While we find that the vast majority of couples are very pleased with their online learning experience (which is of particular benefit to those who are unable to take the course from the same location), it is important to recognize that learning styles and social preferences play an important role in having the best possible experience. Couples who, over the course of high school and/or college, have realized they struggle with online learning platforms, may have a better experience seeking out an in-person course.

SymptoPro Online Client Testimonials

"I am feeling more and more confident in my interpretation, and it seems that my body is doing well at getting back to a normal pattern after so many years of hormonal birth control interference. I am so happy knowing my body instead of treating my fertility like a disease that needs to be treated medically. I am so grateful for your help and support through the process. I will never go back to hormonal birth control."

– Erin

"I’ve been so thankful for my instructor’s advice and feedback! I truly appreciate her input and am grateful that we will continue to have her support as questions come up as we continue using NFP. The class been very helpful for me and I am feeling much more confident in using the method. Thanks again!"

- Karen and Mark

"We appreciated learning the material to feel confident to implement NFP as our form of family planning to be open to God's plan for our marriage. !"

-Alice and Bob

"I learned a lot from the class and my instructor went out of her way to be of service whenever I had questions or confusion. Between her ongoing support, the personalized instruction which comes as part of the class, and the highly detailed materials we got to keep, I feel very confident and at peace with how we are planning the size and spacing of our family."

– Alysa and John

"Our instructor was always so patient with us and was so quick to answer our questions and give us feedback whenever we needed it. She was always there for us which was such a relief. Our online instructor and this SymptoPro course have helped us to be very confident in our decision to do NFP and do it successfully. I honestly don't think we could have had a better experience and would recommend it to anyone."

- Greg and Suzanne

"I really couldn't be more pleased with the education and support we have received by taking the SymptoPro course. My husband and I were very nervous to take the course and attempting NFP for the first time but our fears diminished so quickly when we saw how much constant support and guidance we received throughout the learning process."

- Jane and Mathew

*All testimonies are authentic and given with permission to use. Names have been changed to respect client privacy.